Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Part Two of the Tutu Saga

Those of you who saw Sophie have a fit the first time I put a tutu on her were probably surprised to see her wearing it at the Halloween carnival tonight. I was determined to get her into it, so every couple of days since then I'd tried to put it on her for a couple minutes at a time. The third time, she didn't even pull at it and kept it on for 15 minutes. Tutus aren't scary after all.

I wasn't sure what the official name of her costume was going to be -- all I knew is that I wanted her to wear a tutu. Because she rips everything off of her head, I couldn't put a crown or flowers or anything cute in her hair except pigtails (which she miraculously kept in for a couple of hours). I probably would have crossed the line trying to make her wear wings, so I made her a "wand" and dolled up a plain black onesie this afternoon and called it good. Someone at the carnival called her the "Perry Fairy", so I guess that's what she was.

I told her to say "cheese" and this is what she did. She probably thought I was going to give her some actual cheese.

They had a little hoop set up for the kids, and Steve tried to teacher how to throw the ball in. She usually turned around and threw it in the opposite direction. Hmm. Not a lot of athletic intuition there. Probably from her mother.

Sophie and Asher have sort of a love-hate relationship. They seem to play well together, but every five minutes or so someone gets on someone's nerves. Sophie doesn't like it when Asher gets too close to her and Asher doesn't like it when Sophie sings to herself. They're funny to watch.

She's getting better about getting Asher's hugs, though. This time she actually put her head on his chest. Aww.

After the games, we took her out in the parking lot for the Trunk-or-Treat. It didn't take her too long to figure out what to do. Halfway through, she decided she'd rather start eating the candy she already had instead of getting more.

No, Steve and I didn't dress up. Steve came straight from school and I, well . . . didn't feel like it. So I went as a pregnant lady. No need for pictures. :)


Team Chilton said...

I love the pictures you got of them! I am going to copy those (I can copy off your blog right?) You should see the one I got, I need to post it. They are looking away from each other. They are so funny.
I love the cheesy smile Sophie made for you. So cute. She is so adorable!

DA Phillips said...

Sophie is pretty sweet! After the first failed attempt with the Tutu, I'm surpised that you coaxed her into wearing it that whole night! We got Carter a little chilli pepper outfit. He looked like quite the stud. We are going to post more pictures of him in it. We still need to take some good ones...