Monday, October 06, 2008

Floral Mistress

I'm so excited that one of my best friends has joined the Etsy train. She just opened up a shop showcasing her floral arrangements and I wanted to share. These aren't just ordinary arrangements, either. They're made from high quality silk flowers and gorgeous vases. (By the way, I didn't even know she did this until a couple of weeks ago. We really need to get together more often, Stace. :))

Here's the link to her shop: Floral Divine

And here are some of my fav's:

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Andrea said...

Those are beautiful! Looks like you are having so much fun being a mom. I can't hardly wait! You might be right on your guess missy. When you first commented I was like there is no way I am going to the 10th, but I probably will go later. I have to think of a good prize for you.

I did graduate from BSI. I agree with your comment on why is it that we have to have a baby to leave? Who know. And, you are very sweet about my picture. I only thought it appropriate because I am smiling when I was looking down at my pregnant self. Now-a-days I am not so happy looking down. I want him to come out and play with me. It was just a reminder to me to be optimistic :)