Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Adding Calories

The other day I gave Ivy half of a pineapple-orange yogurt popsicle. (Steve ate the other half and left that one in the freezer. That man can't hold his popsicles.)

Of course Ivy loved it. I think she's teething, too, so it probably made her gums feel good. I had to take it away halfway through so she wouldn't go completely numb. Her poor little mouth was freezing!

That little finger is always pointed up.

I'm glad at least one of the girls got daddy's nice, full lips! Guess who kissed all of the popsicle off her face? :) (I'm not sure what's with her left eye, though. It seems to show up like that in photos, but doesn't look that way in person. )


Anonymous said...

oh she is so dang cute! paige loves fudge pops.

Millertime said...

Ohhh....Such a sweet little face. I love it! She is a doll.