Friday, September 04, 2009

Food is Awesome

Last Saturday we went to the Eat Real Festival in Oakland. When I heard that there was a festival entirely dedicated to food, I had to go. We'd never been down to Jack London Square before OR ridden BART (the light rail), so it was a day of firsts for us.

We forgot we had parked our yacht at the marina or else we would have hung out in there to get out of the heat.

The festival was free and all of the street food was under $5. I was hoping they'd have funnel cakes or something, but the food there wasn't like typical fair food. (Sorry, no corn dogs or deep fried Snickers, either.) There were signs everywhere about putting "real" food back into fast food, people passing around "why you should be a vegetarian" flyers, and street food from all over the world (We ate some tamales and Korean BBQ). They had an indoor farmers market and we sampled things like lavender honey, freshly made goat cheese, orange watermelons, raw milk (speaking of hippies), and chocolate.

Because of the heat we camped out in the corner of the air-conditioned vendors building and ate our lunch. The girls had a few rounds of "Ring Aroung the Rosey" to pass the time.

It was too hot to leave her outside when we got home, and she'd had meltdown after meltdown, so we didn't want to wake the beast . . .

Ivy was well-rested an happy, so we got some shots of her smiling. She's a total stone-face around people she doesn't know, so here you go . . . she's happy, really!

That bottom left pic reminds me of a Sears portrait with props in the background. Heh.


ElegantSnobbery said...

:( I miss BART!! But sounds like you had fun and GREAT shots of the kids! Haha, that one of Ivy totally looks like a Sears photo! :)

Kathryn said...

Um, can I steal those shots of the girls playing ring-around-the-rosey? The lighting from your point of view was way better than mine!

I'm glad your first BART experience was with us! Hee hee.

Jessica said...

What! I can't believe you guys haven't ridden BART before. I guess it was always such a part of my life with working.

Her pictures are so cute. She's getting so big.

Jones Town said...

Oooh, looks like a great time! They do something like that up here every year and every year I say "I'm going to that!" and then every year it takes place on a weekend I work. Bummer.
I love those pictures of Ivy! Especially the top right pic. She looks like a little pixie!