Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To Seattle and Back

I really like Seattle. After going there for a journalism trip in high school, a friend and I decided we were going to live on Bainbridge island together. And after having my first cosmetic counter make-over, I really wanted to work for Clinique in the downtown Nordstrom.

My how things have changed. I'd rather have my eyes gauged out with a red-hot poker than to work in retail again. Although a make-up counter might be slightly more tolerable.

I still like Seattle, though.

We only spent about 3 hours downtown. The rest of the time we were at the Hilton next to the airport. We had lunch at Spencer's in the hotel before the seminar started. I guess it was our "anniversary lunch" since ordering pizza that night isn't much of an anniversary dinner.

Usually when we go out to eat Steve likes what I order better than what he orders. I think I can count on one hand how many times this is reversed. This was one of those times. He just got a burger and fries, but it was one of the best burgers I've ever had. (No offense, In-N-Out. I still love you.)

Yes, I took a picture of it. If you know how I feel about food, it shouldn't surprise you.

Here's a bunch of pictures of Ivy that could really have been taken anywhere. At least you don't have to look at our poor couch, right?

Here we have Ivy posing for a Hilton advertisement. Ya, the beds really were that comfy.

. . . after falling asleep on the light rail. Since we didn't have a stroller with us, we carried her around like that the whole time.

Ivy on the light rail on the way back to the airport.

Strange that Sophie isn't in this picture. I don't think we have one of Ivy with just the two of us.

And like I said . . . the girls were happy to be reunited at bath time. When I put Ivy in the bathtub in Seattle, she looked around and then looked at me like, "Um, no toys? No bath buddy? Lame-o bath, mom."

Doesn't Ivy look like a spider in that top pic? It's a little weird. Oh, and Sophie's knees are fine. She just barely scraped her knees after biting it on the cement just a couple of hours earlier. Band-aids make everything better.


Bryan said...

If I were an employee at a restaurant and saw one of my customers whip out her camera to take a picture of her food, I'd start worrying if my resume was up to date. Thankfully, you make the food look so good the restaurants should pay you for the marketing.

The Seattle area is indeed beautiful. Our family lived on the Kitsap peninsula the year before I went on my mission. Real estate is quite pricey though if one plans on owning a home, especially on Bainbridge Island. I keep telling Cassia she'd love the Northwestern coastal climate, since she's a big fan of green acres, cool temperatures, cloudy days and light rain. Not like the torrents we get down here.

Excellent non-obvious use of Photoshop in the bath photos, by the way.

Becka Dietrich said...

I was hoping to see a picture of Sophie clinging to the edge of the tub after Ivy made her deposits! Poop is such a party stopper.

Jessica said...

I love Seattle. I miss being so close. Good thing I live in Utah instead. How did that happen?:) Just kidding.