Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Can We Still Be Friends?

Sometimes when I get on here I assume I can just say what I want because it's my blog. Technically I can, but I run the risk of offending someone when I do, which sometimes comes across a bit insensitive or judgmental -- even in person. I don't know why I do that, and I'm trying to be better about it. In my last post I bad-mouthed my doctor a little and insulted rice cereal. I wanted to apologize if I offended anyone, and maybe try to explain myself a little better.

I really like my doctor, and I know she was just trying to do her job, and I respect that. I'll leave it at that.

As far as rice cereal goes, it's great for teaching babies how to move food around in their mouths, and it does provide some iron, but what I was trying to say was that it isn't very nutritious (unless you get brown rice cereal - that's a little better).

My thoughts and beliefs on a lot of things have changed since we moved here, and I think I'm turning into a hippie -- in some ways. I have a more holistic view on health care than I used to, I bring my own bags to the grocery store (that isn't too strange around here), and I try be more aware of where my food comes from (and what's in it). Don't worry, I won't ever join a commune, give up grooming, or put "Yes We Did!" bumper stickers on my car.

So, if I blog one day about how I would never own an American car, eat peanut butter (except if I'm pregnant), or put a giant hair bow on either of my girls, know that it doesn't affect how I feel about a friend* who drives around in a Focus, eating PB&J, while straining to see what's in her back mirror because of the hydrangea on her baby's head. I still love you. And you can tease me all you want about being a hippie.

*No particular friend. I made that up to prove a point. One of my best friends used to drive a Focus, and although I teased her about it, it hasn't affected our relationship.


Sare said...

Nat you crack me up. I think that's why we're such good friends...we're so dang offensive...haha. Seriously, I think people should be allowed to express their opinions on their blog. It isn't like you're saying "people who give their children rice cereal are terrible parents" or anything like that (honestly, I didn't give it to my boys tastes like wall paper paste, and even my nurse mom who isn't so into our natural holistic health practices agreed that we could skip it). I guess I'm a hippie too. I don't listen to doctors really (notice I've never put anything about my kids checks...ummm, because we don't do them. Our Dr.'s office is full of sick people, he told me once that I didn't have to bring Silas back if he was growing and hitting his marks (so I guess I did listen to him).
Just so ya know, you're awesome, and I love your opinions. It makes me laugh because I think the same way most of the time.

Jones Town said...

Love your blog!! You could probably say anything you want on it and I'd still come back and read it. I didn't think you bad-mouthed your doc in your last post...I just thought you were venting your frustrations. Also-in my last comment I got a little preachy about the doctor. Sorry! I believe that modern medicine and holistic medicine practices should go hand in hand...moderation in all things. You should always do what you feel is best for yourself and your family-regardless of what anyone else thinks or says.

Natalie said...

Sare - I love you. That's all :) No wait, I was going to say that my doctor's office has two separate suites in the building. One for sick kids and one for wellness check-ups. If it weren't for that and they're super-accurate baby scale (because I'm always curious how much the girls weigh), and the fact that it's free, I wouldn't go either. :)

Jodi - I didn't think you got preachy at all! You were completely right. Doctors have to do and say certain things in order to cover their bases, no matter how they really think. (Which is sad in a way, but it protects them.) I do feel that doctors are important, though (as well as nurses ;). They've saved a lot of lives!

Matt Bodett said...

i was wondering if the Focus comment was directed at me...thanks for clearing that up! I also agree it never effected our relationship. Good thing a German car smashed it all up and now i drive a Subaru. Got to give Ford one thing though, i did walk away with no broken bones :)

Beck Family said...

If there is one thing I've learned its that every doctor has their place. Its just frustrating when you feel like someone who is suppose to know a lot about children and their health can be so ignorant to common sense. Sure the numbers are off, but did that matter with Sophie? Ivy is so cute and its obvious she is happy and healthy. Just little.

Ellen said...

Since cancer hit I've been thinking everyone should care more about where their foods comes from. If a "healthy woman" of middle age can get cancer then something is wrong with our basic food supply. Just a thought.