Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Alright, here's the skinny on our trip last weekend.

The Ride

Here we are in all our caravaning glory -- my parents' motor home with Ellie tagging along behind. Riding in a motor home is definitely better than being strapped down in a car. Sophie sure thought so, at least. The rumbling and shaking lulled her to sleep if she was lying down for more than 10 minutes. This mode of travel does have its drawbacks, though. Trying to take a shower while barreling down the freeway at 65 mph is an interesting experience. Luckily I came away unscathed, but I did get carsick while blow drying my hair.

The Reception

The reception was nice, and a little different than we expected. At the open house in Idaho, we had a steady stream of people come and go for two hours. At this reception, everyone was there by 7:30 and stayed the whole time. I think the wedding line was only assembled for about 10 minutes before it fell apart. People would come in the door and see Devin and Andrea across the room and wonder, "What are they doing clear over there? Oh look, there's food," then wander over to a table and sit down.

Here's a pictures of Steve, Sophie, my mom and my sister, Hillie. Andrea's mom made all of the bridesmaid dresses and my sister didn't even try hers on until the day before the wedding. It fit her like a glove as you can see -- with no alterations needed. We try not to be jealous of her stick-like figure, but it's awfully hard sometimes.


Although the reception was intended to honor Devin and Andrea, Sophie unintentionally stole some thunder. Here's the cute dress I was talking about. She doesn't have her shoes on, though, but you can see them in the picture above with Dev and Andrea.

And here's the clip I mentioned yesterday. It cracks me up how intense she was working, trying to throw tootsie rolls everywhere. It reminded me a lot of Hoppy (my family's pet rabbit) when he was trying to get carrots out of his bowl.


Lindsay said...

Sophie's dress is absolutely darling! Of course she would steal some thunder--how could she not?

Cassia said...

She's absolutely adorable! :)

Dave & Chels said...

Very cute dresses, Sophie's and Hilly's! And I so agree with you about her perfect stick-like figure. Once I had a near stick-like figure...never again. Good thing kids are cute, right? :) Your comment about taking a shower while traveling down the highway made me (and my mom) laugh pretty hard. I can only imagine!

Sar said...

So cute. And your new earing line is great. It makes me want to get my ears done. Love you!

The Piercy's said...

Hey, I also found your blog through the be Beckman's blog. Hope you don't mind me reading. I think you have a great blog! Sophie is so cute! I love watching the movies! Take care!
Dantzel Piercy