Monday, March 03, 2008

Girls Will Have Phones

I was hoping I wouldn't have the "Mom, can I have a cell phone?" conversation with Sophie until she was at least in Jr. High. She LOVES playing with our cell phones, and I'm afraid that conversation might come as soon as she figures out how to ask.

I admit, we're not really helping the situation. :)


Cassia said...

So cute! Emma's the same way--only now she's learned that we often take the phone away (the house phones, at least, don't have child locks), she'll try to quietly get the phone without anyone else noticing and then spirit it off into another room (usually her bedroom). She does the same with my wallet... :)

Mary said...

Soph is going to be the best documented child of all time. She's going to thank you for it when she's older! What a cutie!