Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I've been itching to put pigtails in Sophie's hair since before she was born. I finally found elastics that were small enough and decided that she finally had enough hair to make it worth while.

The first day I was lucky to get one on top of her head. She was so squirmy.

The second and third days I managed to get two in. She was a little more tolerant that time.

Wow, those pics up there look really washed out compared to this one. I was trying to be artsy, but I think I ended up making them look weird. Oh well.

A couple more updates... Sophie has finally started crawling for real. Knees and all. She still does her mermaid flopping, too. It's about half and half. Now that she's doing this, a pillow will no longer keep her from entering a room. Not even two pillows. Dang.

I got a baby gate over the weekend to keep her from wandering around the kitchen. Every time she came out, she'd have crumbs and fuzzies stuck to her hands. She even fished an AWOL binkie out from under the fridge. Ugh.

Oh and happy 200th post!


jenn said...

Her piggy tails are the cutest thing ever!!! Love your new header...so springy and fresh!

Deep in the Heart of Texas said...

Pigtails are so cute on her! Sometimes I wish I had a girl to do her hair, but then I think about how I would have to chase after her to get it done. Then I change my mind. :)

Chelsea said...

oh my gosh, those are so cute! I mean she is so cute! she and her little piggies are cute. You get the picture.

Yes, fuzzy binkies from under the fridge are probably not on the recommended food list for a 10 month old. Funny, though!

Adam & Rebekah Forgie said...

Natalie, you and Steve made such a cute baby. I don't think I have seen a single picture on here where she isn't adorable. I don't know what it is about pigtails but I love them. And I love the new banner.

Shea said...

Ok, love the new page! You are so good at that. 8)

Sophie is adorable, as always. I love the pigtails! I wish I had a girl just so I could play with her hair!

Cassia said...

Well, I can't do much more than echo what has already been said, but I'll do it anyway. :) I love the pigtails--both the single and the doubles. If your experience is anything like mine, she'll get used to you playing with her hair (though that doesn't ALWAYS mean she'll cooperate like you want). :) And I also really like your new banner. :)