Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mom is a Pansy

I took Sophie to the doctor for a check-up today. She hadn't had a check up since we left Provo, so I guess this was her 6-month? Ha. I'm probably a terrible mom for being three months late, but it was a combination of forgetting to make an appointment and trying to decide how or if we wanted to continue immunizing her.

She's 29 inches long and weighed in at just under 17 pounds. That puts her in the 80th percentile for height and the 12th for weight. I promise I feed her. She's just growing vertically and not horizontally!

She got two shots and cried as usual. Then I had to go to the lab next door so they could get a blood sample from her. I thought it was going to be a prick on a heel or a finger. Nope.

I sat in the chair with Sophie on my lap and the tech put the padded bar over us. She put the rubber band thing over her upper arm and felt the inside of her elbow. By this time I was freaking out because I knew Sophie was going to freak out. I hate getting blood drawn, and sometimes if it hurts enough I'll cry a little.

So, as I held Sophie's little arm still, the tech comes over with the needle and goes in for the kill. I couldn't bear to look, so I turned my head, waited for the screaming to start, and tried to suppress the tears forming in my eyes.

I didn't hear anything. I looked back to see if she'd poked her and there was the needle, sticking in her arm. And there was Sophie, quietly watching. Not a peep out of her. I was floored. She didn't whimper or try to pull away; she just sat there and watched.

The tech pulled the needle out, wrapped some gauze around Sophie's elbow, and put a sticker on her.

My little girl is a lot braver than her mama.


Brynn said...

Amen! Same thing with Joseph! Maybe they'll be doctors! How did you decide about vaccinations? Working for a chiropractor made me very informed on it and I was wondering how you guys decided what to do.

Natalie said...

Brynn! It's such a hard decision! I had no idea there were so many risks involved in vaccinations. Steve talked to a bunch of people at school and we read some stuff on www.nvic.org, which has really good, unbiased information.

She's had all of her shots through the 4 month ones. We decided to just do the Hep B and Dtap this time.

Jessica said...

That's crazy she didn't cry. I'm perplexed. It is such a confusing subject, especially for us chirowifees!

Kathryn said...

Wow! I can never watch my blood get drawn either. Good for Sophie! Maybe she was too mesmerized by the whole process, she probably didn't realize the red stuff was coming out of her :)

Millertime said...

Oh...she is so brave. I can't stand it either. When Lydia was only a few days old we had to go in almost everyday to get her blood drawn for her jaundice. I could not stand it I had to have Mike go in every time. Its so sad to see your little one like that. It really is amazing how tough these little ones are!

Sara said...

What a sweet picture! I have to lay down when I get my blood drawn or I pass out. When I was getting ready for my mission I got my TB shot and passed out in the hall on my way out! Wussy! What a brave little girl!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Wow, that is insanely brave!

No worries about missing three months. My daughter's 6 and 9 months stuff all happened at the same time because the Doctor's office was always booked, and then I kept forgetting about it. I hate when my daughter's are vaccinated. I always cry.