Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pulling the Plug

This week Sophie discovered mobility in the bathtub. I used to set her in the tub and let her play for a couple of minutes while I go tinker around online in the other room. (...which faces the bathroom, and I can see the top of her head from where I sit.)

One night I heard the usual babbling and splashing around, then I heard the tub begin to drain. "What the . . ." I thought as I glanced over. I still saw her head, but it was at the opposite end of the tub from where I put her. And she had drain plug in her mouth. ACK! GROSS!!

I put her back at the other end and got this little clip:

When I took the plug away and laid her down to wash her, she pitched a fit. When I got done, I pulled the drain and let her scoot back over there. She stuck her fingers down the drain. Inside of a drain, in my opinion, is one of the most vile places in the entire house. We won't be doing that again.

The same thing happened the next night. So instead of the joyful, carefree bathtimes of the past, we have the struggle of getting the baby clean versus her absolute need to pull the drain plug and suck on it. She never wins, which really makes her mad.

On a side note, Sophie doesn't crawl around in the tub because she hasn't figured out how to go from sitting to crawling. I think it's because she doesn't use her knees when she crawls. (She goes from yoga planks to belly flops across the room. Hey, it gets her where she wants to go. :)) We're working on that, though.


Jessie Jo said...

I like the scooting!

Dave & Chels said...

She's tricky! The day Bentley learned that he could crawl in the tub was an awful day for me. Gone were the days of him laying on his back, all still, smiling at me as I clean him. Now it involves me trying to wash all his body parts as he's moving everywhere. And he puts the plug in his mouth, too. And sticks his fingers in the drain. I share your feelings about the inside of the drain. It almost makes me want to give him a bath all over again. Almost. :)

Cassia said...

Wow. That was so cute, so funny, and so gross all at the same time. :) She's a determined little girl! :)