Friday, February 29, 2008


Nevermind. I still have a camera. I remember putting it in the back, outside pocket of the diaper bag because I thought no one would check there. Wow, was I right, because I don't even look there.

I got my pics back, too:

If you can't tell, it's supposed to be a tortoise shell that kids climb into. If she were about 5 times bigger, she might actually look like a tortoise in there.

And no, she didn't slide out. I put her there. She doesn't have quite that much control over her limbs yet.

This is what I wanted to show you earlier. . .

a vase full of half-droopy gerbera daisies.

I'm working on a little project, and I needed some red flowers. I was at the grocery store on Tuesday, and as I was checking out, I noticed bunches of flowers against the wall. I scanned them quickly, looking for something red and saw these beauties. I didn't see a price sign for these, but since most of the other bunches were around $4-5, I figured these were, too.

I looked at my receipt after leaving the store, and those puppies were $8.99. EIGHT NINETY-NINE. That's a dollar a flower. Whoa. Oops. :)

I take them home, trim the bottoms and put them in fresh water, just like the instructions say. A few hours later they perked up, and I was a happy camper. The next day, Wednesday, I got the photos I need. I was excited that I would have flowers on my table for the next week or so.

Thursday rolls around and a couple of them look droopy. I trimmed the bottoms again, change the water, and waited a little while. No change. By the looks of them, you'd think I'd left them in a hot car all day. I threw one out.

This is how they look today. Why is it that my Valentine's bouquet lasted nearly two weeks and this pricey little bunch can't even last three days? What did I do wrong?

(Sara O., you're the resident plant expert of my blogging friends... any explanations? Are they just sensitive? Am I cursed when it comes to plants?)


Chelsea said...

so whenever i've gotten Gerbera daisies from a florist, they've either had a wire wrapped up the stem (discreetly) and supporting the head or they've been supported in the stem by a plastic straw looking thing. I'd try that. While straws would be easiest, you probalby have wire hanging around. Use that.

PerinFamily said...

Chelsea is right on. I worked as a florist for several years, and because Gerbera's are very tender-stemmed flowers, they need additional support to stay erect after a day or two. They were usually shiped to us with straws, but were not very visually pleasing, so we always removed them and "wired" them. If you have some florists wire lying about, cut a few 8" pieces, and thread one end through the top of the stem, (as close to the base of the flower as you can get) wrap it around and twist onto the longer part of the wire. Then spiral the wire around to the base of the stem, or far enough down to support it. If you don't have wire...I've got lots to share!

If the petals are drooping, and no longer hold their position when the stem is held've got a different problem. Could be they are too close to a window, or sunlight, or the room is too warm, the water's not cold enough, or they need a little sugar in their water. Good luck...they sure are pretty, and should definitely last longer than 3 days!

Oh, and it looks like you guys had lots of fun at the Zoo, (after you got in, anyways ;) Sorry we missed it!

Natalie said...

Wire -- check.

I'm glad I have brilliant friends :)

Sara said...

Nat, Yeah, Gerbs are very sensitive! A lot of Florists put straws on the stems to keep them upright. They are the worst for making corsages and boutineers-- they don't last long! I'm glad you got the pictures you needed before they drooped on you! The reason they're so expensive is because they require a lot of care in the growing, harvesting, and especially shipping processes! Anyway, I hope that makes you feel better! :)