Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Food has Moved

I decided that my blog has been overrun by PoshMama articles and too much discussion of food. SO . . . I'm not going to be posting articles or recipes and I'll even be taking off all of the foodie links from the side panel.

While some of you may be sad, probably a bigger portion of you are silently cheering to yourselves. Where will it all go?

Perrys' Plate

Yes, I decided to start another blog solely dedicated to food and recipes. I'll be posting the PoshMama articles there as well as new recipes that we love. I also plan on posting just about all of our family's favorites on that site as well.


1. Like I said, I felt like our family blog was turning into a "What the Perry's had for dinner" blog.
2. I, like everyone else who cooks, am always on the look-out for a new meal idea, and when I find something we like, I want to shout it from the roof-tops so everyone else can try it, too.
3. I wanted to have all of my recipes online so I can access them from anywhere and have a back-up in case our house burns down.

A little extreme? Maybe.

And no, I don't have to manually type them up because I already did that last summer. The site looks a little bare right now with one lonely Posh Mama article, and I still have to tweak it and add a bunch of content, but I think it will turn out well. I plan on indexing everything, too, so things will be easier to find.

OCD? Maybe, but I tend to be that way when organizing information.

If anyone has any more suggestions, I'm all ears :)


Bryan said...

The only thing your new food blog banner is missing is a plate beneath the word "Plate." You could even center it over the plate. That would be a pretty cool look, as it appears that "A Peek at the Perry's" seems to be written on a napkin, and the finished look would be like a napkin on a plate. Get it? :)

Since we're being OCD here, shouldn't it be "A Peek at the Perrys' Plate?" Unless there's someone at your house you all refer to as "the" Perry, and he/she/it has a plate of his/her/its own. I'd like a picture of that! :)

Natalie said...

Well, if anyone has claim to our plates it would be me. :)

You're absolutely right, though, I need to change it.

I'll do my best to find a plate. That's a good idea :)


Brynn said...

I love the food blog. SO CUTE!

Sarah said...

You are so funny. And with your indexing tendencies I'm beginning to think that you might make a better librarian than me. I just like t give books to people, I don't care if their indexed.