Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Cullen Family

Care to see pics of the Cullens in the upcoming Twilight movie?


I think they did a good job :)


Brynn said...

This is unrelated to this post, but, I hate to point out that your daughter is almost one year old! Where did that year go?

Jessie Jo said...

Hopefully it will be a good movie, I am excited!

The Rogers said...

I LOVE these book there my fav I just hope they do a good job on the movie. I all ready hears one thing they changed and Im bummed about it. I just hope they dont change to much.
They really did a good job with the Cullen's family.

The Blatters said...

Natalie! Sophie is adorable! what a cute family you have! I stalked you off Jenn's blog (i'm creepy like that:)). Just wanted to stop by and say you guys are darling! -carol