Friday, February 29, 2008


I thought about something I wanted to blog about this afternoon, but I needed a picture first. I went to grab my camera out of the diaper bag but didn't see it in there. I looked in every pocket and emptied the whole thing out. No camera. I went out to the car and looked in the stroller. I looked inside the car on the floor and on the seats. No camera.

We went to the zoo this morning, and the last thing I remember is putting the camera in the diaper bag after taking a few pictures of Sophie. Either it fell out or somebody swiped it. Well, if someone did, I hope they enjoy that little camera because I sure did. And the pictures of Sophie on it. (Luckily it just has ones from the zoo.)

Within 15 minutes of realizing that I didn't have a camera, I began searching online for a new Elph. (I would have started looking sooner, but I got caught outside talking to a neighbor, and I was starving and needed some leftover pizza.)

As I sit here, camera-less, I feel nervous and restless. I feel like I'm going to miss something Sophie will do when she wakes up or have to post an entry to my blog without a picture. Heaven forbid, right?

I think I'm more attached to my camera than my phone.

Anybody want to break the news to Steve for me when he gets home?

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