Friday, February 22, 2008

Do You Woot?

Steve and I have been into lately. Does anyone else Woot?

For those who don't know what Woot is, it's a website that sells one type of item per day, at a crazy-low price. Every night at 10pm (Cali time), the item changes. Sometimes they last until the next day, sometimes they're sold out in under 5 minutes. I think what I like most are the write-ups about the products. Those guys are really funny and can make anything entertaining, even a storm emergency kit, which happens to be posted right now.

Last week we scored a power adapter for our car for $12.99 (they usually run about $50). We like to use it to plug in our laptops when we're driving really far. It's nice having an electrical outlet in the car in case you need to make toast or dry your hair or something.

Steve just informed me that it wouldn't be able to handle those things. So much for my attempts at being witty.


Brynn said...

Brian is a habitual wooter. He checks it daily and tries to tempt me with what is for sale. I am a hard sell though...:)

Chelsea said...

We love it. Then again, Ryan's a technophile, so there's this site called

It combines all the deal-a-day sales sites into one lovely organized place. We've bought 4 or 5 things from Woot. I think what I like best is the $5 shipping, regardless of what it is. When there's a Woot-off, well, that's a whole other story. Basically they're unloading tons of leftover inventory all at once and it's a big deal. They'll have sometimes 50 different things in a 24 hour time period and end the whole mess with a sale of a bag of crap (what they call it, not me) for $2 and it's like a grab-bag.

You're right about the power adapter, though. We've run 2 laptops and charged our phones at the sime time int he car once. They're awesome.

Natalie said...

We got the power adapter during a woot off. Those things are crazy!