Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thread Me Please

Has anyone outside of our little neighborhood heard of eyebrow threading? The girls down the street introduced me to it yesterday. For those who have trouble keeping their eyebrows contained to their alloted space above the eyes, this method of hair removal is heaven sent.


Ya, it just looks like I had my eyebrows waxed or something, but this is cheaper, it hurts a lot less and they're able to do it with more accuracy. I had my upper lip done, too. That, however, hurt like the Dickens.

(Yes, I'll publicly admit that I'm able to grow a mustache of some sort. Possibly even a goatee. I have no shame. But please don't examine me closely because I told you that.)

It's hard to explain how they do it. I grabbed a piece of string and tried to show Steve what it looked like. He just gave me a funny look. They somehow wrap a piece of cotton thread around their fingers and make a few twists in it.

Here's a website that explains it better (and shows a picture). Here's another website that lists locations around the world that offer eyebrow threading.


Brynn said...

Do you remember our embarassing hair conversation in Russia? Ha ha ha ha...that is making me laugh just thinking about it!

Chelsea said...

I've actually heard of threading from many different people and I'd totally love to try it if i didn't have an intimate relationship with my tweezers. I carry them everywhere. I actually find it relaxing to tweeze. Especially in the car at stoplights. The lighting in the car is the best. You can see so many fine hairs you thought you got.

I think your shaping looks great! they did a fantastic job.

Missy said...

You look good girl! So glad you went! and I loved all your sound effects while your lip was being down!! I had a good laugh:) and the ladies did too!

Natalie said...

Brynn -- Only one hair comes to mind. And that belongs to Carla. :)

Chelsea -- That explains why you have such perfect eyebrows all the time!

Missy -- I'm so glad you let me tag along! I'm such a baby, though. I hope it gets easier the second time :)

Jessica said...

When I went, I thought it hurt like crazy and I broke out all along above my eyebrow. Not so cute!
Isn't it amazing to watch them do that? It's a mystery to me.

Ah Britty said...

They look great. It's amazing how they can make them look so good, especially when they didn't look bad at all to begin with. I accompanied Missy & Jackie once, but haven't gone myself yet. I need to do it for a little shaping!