Monday, April 26, 2010

Discovery Channel at the Dinner Table

Here we have Sophie eating some pizza on Saturday. Crazy hair and all. (I love her wild, unruly hair. It fits her personality.)


And here's a shot of her pizza nursing its baby.



After watching a mammal segment on the new Life series (Discovery Channel -- awesome show!) the night before, she took the liberty of extending lactating abilities to her food.

Sophie's logic: Whenever there are both a large and a small version of the same object, one must be the mom and one must be the baby. Moms nurse their babies, thus, large pieces of pizza nurse smaller pieces of pizza.

It totally makes sense. :)


AlyGatr said...

She has the most beautiful hair, unruly or not! Don't you just love what they pick up from animal shows? And it makes sense about the pizza...cheese. milk...nursing pizzas :)

Cole said...

So funny! you have such a cute blog. :)

Kell said...

Hahahaha! I love her hair :)

Cassia said...

Completely logical.

FWIW though we haven't yet had nursing food, we have had grapes designated as "baby" grapes and "mommy" grapes (as well as "daddy" grapes and probably "brother/sister" grapes too...).

Thank you for the smile. :)

Emily said...

I can't tell you how hard I laughed at this. Rett "has to feed the baby" a lot. but he's never nursed food at all.

Manda said...

Hahahaha. Oh, it even makes me laugh the 2nd time I read it. (;

grace said...

i love that logic! she's an adorable child, natalie. if only electrical-socket hair was so cute on 27-year-olds... :)