Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter: Part 1

Easter came in phases this year . . like most holidays we've had since we moved here. Usually things start out with a visit from the UPS man (who Sophie is well-acquainted with now. . . he brings "boxes from grandma").

03 - March14
Ivy thought the packing peanuts were pretty cool.

Boxes full of Easter exploded all over the living room, and were exactly what you'd expect from a grandma who only sees her grandkids a couple times a year. We loved it. Thanks, Mom!

My mom has a knack for finding cute, frilly dresses for the girls. Sophie had to put this one on as soon as I pulled it out of the box. I think it may dethrone the famous "kitty dress" she's been wearing since November.

03 - March13

A couple of hours later . . .



Oh, that's where that roll of stickers went . . .

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Cassia said...

Grandma boxes are the best!