Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter: Part 2

Part two was egg painting.

04 - April4

I decided to forgo the dye this year. I know, I'm probably a scrooge, but Sophie's pretty good with paints and I didn't want dye splashed everywhere.

I, uh, . . didn't count on the glitter that Ivy spilled everywhere.


. . . and was too late to catch her hand as she started rubbing her eye. Yes, that's glitter on her eyeball.


Happy Easter little one!

sigh . . . maybe we'll dye next year.


Chelsea said...

She'll survive. Plus, now she has a twinkle (or two) in her eye ;)

Cassia said...

That was great (in a funny way, of course). :)

How did you get the glitter out? Did you use a "wait and see" approach or a more hands on immediate approach?