Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter: Part 4

I liked that Easter fell on the same weekend as General Conference this year. (General Conference is a two-day world-wide broadcast our church holds twice a year. There are dozens of talks about different Gospel-related topics that they feel inspired to share. I love it.)

Listening to conference all weekend was a constant reminder of the meaning of Easter, the resurrection of the Savior Jesus Christ and our dependence on Him for our salvation. The talks (at least the parts the I caught between taking care of kids . . . forget about note-taking) were really inspiring. Since I don't get as much as I would like when I watch it, I'm excited to go back and read them to really absorb what's been said. Have you checked out the new conference website? It's pretty slick.

Sitting for two two-hour sessions isn't something that toddlers are physically capable of, so we had to keep them entertained. This little table set up in the family room helped a lot.


Having conference and Easter on the same day meant we wouldn't be attending church. Which brought up a Easter dress dilemma . . . so the girls just wore theirs around the house on Sunday (with pants underneath because it was chilly). I'm kind of a low-maintenance mom. I didn't even get "proper" pictures of them together. Maybe later. . .


After a while, the sleepies started setting in. Sophie ended up on Steve's lap.

04 - April
There was a little girl who had a little curl . . . OK, she's not really "horrid", just "difficult" sometimes. :)

04 - April1

And how could I see this little face wander over and grab my knees and not pick her up?



Cassia said...

Good idea with the table. We had good luck with Conference Bingo for the older ones (Emma actually surprised me by picking up on some on her own!), but Kathryn... well, the "morning" session (starts at noon our time) was nice because she was napping... :)

I know you hear this all the time, but your girls are really beautiful. :) I especially love the large up-close of Ivy and the one of Ivy with you. So sweet! They look frame-able to me!

Jessica said...

That last picture is very cute. I love pictures of moms and their kids. Makes me remember more how special it is to be a mom.