Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We got the shakes!

You might have heard about an earthquake we had last night. Yes, earthquake. Earthquakes (and hoodlums) were my biggest fear when we moved out here. I'd never experienced one before, and from what you hear on the news, they only reak havoc.

I was in the kitchen feeding Sophie when the house began to rattle a bit, like it does about 10 times a day when trains go by. Only this time, I didn't hear a train. Then the rattling got worse, and it was like a HUGE earthworm was moving around under our house making things wobble around. About 10 seconds later it was over, but the twisty rods on the blinds kept swinging back and forth for a minute or so.

"Did we just have an earthquake?" I asked Steve.

"I think so."

They said it was a 5.6 and it came from San Jose, which is about 35 miles from us.

It was a little scary because it was my first, but luckily the only havoc it reaked was shaking a couple of ceiling tiles loose in a Target in Fremont and knocking a couple cans off the shelf of an Albertson's in another city.


Brynn said...


Dave & Chels said...

Wow, your first earthquake! I've been in a few in Portland, and they are weird experiences. I have a REALLY embarrassing about being in an earthquake while I was in training at Home Depot, but that is a story for another time. I think they re-considered their decision about hiring me after the incident. :)

Cassia said...

Wow. Does it make you feel any better now that you've experienced it? (As opposed to just fearing it)

Nat said...

Yes, I feel better. It's sort of like turbulence on an airplane. The first time can be scary, but after a few times, it's usually nothing to worry about. Unless the plane crashes... or the ground opens up and your whole house falls in. But I don't think about that. :)

Andrea said...

What a cool experience. They're not usually as bad as everyone thinks they are (unless you're house sinks into the ground as you said)! Well, now you have a great story to tell.