Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Showers

Sophie and I went for a little walk last week after it had drizzled. She'd never used the umbrella grandma had given her -- probably because mom (mom's hair) hates going outside when it's raining.

Aw, look at how she loves her mom! (Actually an airplane flew by. Mom's not nearly that cool.)

A little nose-picking stop.


Andrea said...

Cute pics. She'd have plenty of use for the umbrella in Aachen. I'm glad you enjoyed the post about Wien. It was really great to go back. Elder Lederer was way funnier than I remember him being, and I actually understood him this time. Maybe that was the problem the first time. He's married and his wife is due any day I think.

Jessica said...

Very cute. I appreciate how her shoes match her umbrella. :)

Sarah said...

How cute is that. It's been raining here too. I totally love that last under umbrella shot. Here's a book for you. Yellow Umbrella by Jea Liu (It's Japanese and comes with a music CD)