Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Getting Out of the House

First I want to show you something. In light of our economy right now and how our government is sinking us further and further into debt, I want you all to click HERE. It's a little graphic that puts a trillion dollars into perspective. Times that by 10.7 and that's what our national debt looks like. Pretty crazy.

With the warm weather last week and 79 degree weather yesterday. We made lots of trips to the park. Before I had Ivy I figured I'd be staying at home a lot because I wouldn't want to juggle both kids in public, but it's the complete opposite. I love shopping trips (because Sophie still stays in the cart) and mornings at the park! It breaks up our day, gives us lots of fresh air (and vitamin D per Steve's request) and wears Sophie out so she naps 3-4 hours when we get back. Then all of us are relatively happy when Steve gets home from school.

Anyway, we went to the park by the marina which is only a few minutes from home. They have a mile-long loop you can walk around, so I pushed the kiddos along the path at a pretty good speed and actually broke a sweat. Go me.

Sophie's finally warmed up to play structures. I'm so glad. She used to stick to me like glue, dig around for snacks in my bag and throw bark around. She still throws bark around (yes, she's THAT kid), but at least she ventures up to go down the slide a few times.

When there's no one else around to throw it at, she throws it on herself. Her mother must be so proud.

She loves the swings.

A lot more than she used to.

Ivy? Oh yeah, I have two now. Sometimes I forget because she sleeps most of the time we go out. Add that to my list of "why I love going out of the house." More on her in a bit.


Bryan said...

You can't just "print" a trillion dollars. That's not how TARP works. (Nothing against you.) In any case, it's very good to maintain a perspective on just how much money is being shoveled around here. It's a lot.


Emma's a big-time swing girl too! Jonathan usually gets tired of them after 10-15 minutes (his father, substantially earlier than that), but Emma could literally go almost all day. That's so weird to me. I guess I just don't understand the female mind.

Jessica said...

It's amazing what even a short trip out can do for both our moods too. We always get out of the house for at least a little bit. I guess that's the fortune of not having a newborn for now.

Yvonne Hansen said...

My oldest likes to swing in the baby swing too when her 8 month old sister does! They are funny!

McKell said...

Sophie is adorable, I love her pink cargos!

Kathryn said...

Josie is a swing girl too! She could swing for hours on end.

Sarah (Team Chilton) said...

This debt is really disturbing. I wonder how it's all going to end.

I think the bark throwing is funny, but I have to look the other way not to laugh at them (am I a terrible mom). Then "showering" with the bark. Asher used to eat it....gross. I was taking his picture at a park and he was sitting in it and he wasn't even a year old yet, then I looked at his mouth!

I love to watch Sophie play!

Erin Ann said...

I think it's smart to keep her at playgrounds and not parks that have rocks...imagine rock throwing...oh dear! She's such a cutie