Monday, April 20, 2009


Steve + Nat + Sophie + Ivy + going out to dinner = NOT a date
Steve + Nat + Ivy + going out to dinner = Closer to a date
Steve + Nat + a 15-minute trip to Target for diapers = Date

Sad, but true. We didn't pack diapers on our last overnighter in Sacramento, so we had to run to the store before bedtime. We left the girls at Steve's parents house and, for the first time since Ivy was born, we were entirely alone and out of the house. Walking through Target without having to throw snacks at Sophie, having to constantly keep moving to pacify Ivy, and walking around without pushing a wheeled vehicle full of children made me giddy. Steve and I just held hands and took our sweet time.

The next night we went out to dinner with Ivy and Matt Altop (Steve's best bud). I almost counted that as a date, too, but Steve and Matt did all the talking. Ivy slept the entire time, so I got really acquainted with the menu. We went to Tex Wasabi's - owned by Guy Fieri. (Which is why I was a nerd and insisted we get a picture out front.) It's a cool little place. Part BBQ - part sushi bar. And probably the only place you'll find sushi rolls that have BBQ brisket and french fries. (Yes, I orderd that off the "gringo" sushi menu. We were still on our gluten-free diet, so it was slim pickens. It was delicious, by the way.)


Savages said...

You're looking great Natalie!!

Bryan said...

I'm so glad we're not alone in our dating struggles. It's become a bit easier to leave Kathryn with someone over the last few weeks, but yeah, for the first 5-6 months after her birth the best we could do for dates was to leave Jonathan and Emma with a sitter and take the babe with us. And just when we're enjoying the moment . . . it's feeding time. :)

Thankfully, babies aren't allowed in the temple. But neither is cuddling.

Shea said...

Natalie!! You look amazing! You look so happy, tan, skinny, relaxed..I'm glad you two had a great night!

Jones Town said...

Natalie! I totally agree with the dating equations-they crack me up! Your girls are so cute...beautiful like their mother! Thanks for letting me sneak a peek at your blog-its great!

Kathryn said...

ahem... babysitting co-op? remember???

You have no excuse to NOT get out with Steve anymore :)

Being Ausmus said...

So so incredibly true!!! Just the ability to hold Jordan's hand while walking somewhere has become so rare it makes me feel like we're honeymooning again!!! Oh life before children:)!!!