Thursday, April 09, 2009


Sometimes we call her "Big Eyes" or just "Eyes". They're awfully hard to miss when they take up 1/3 of her face.

I haven't posted anything about my smiley, slobbery, 4-month-old Ivy latey. It's hard to get good shots of her because 1) she's always wiggly and 2) like her sister, she becomes intent on staring a hole through the camera whenever it makes itself seen. I had to resort to using the mirror to get her to smile. This one never fails. If she's throwing a fit -- it will calm her every time.

I absolutely love her mouth-wide-open smile. She's such an expressive little one, and her whole face lights up when she's happy. The poor thing still doesn't have much hair on her head, but her eyelashes are coming in fast, long, and thick. They'll probably be just like Sophie's.

Ivy sucks on her hands all the time and now she's pretty good at grabbing things (much to the distress of my earlobe the other day). She rolls from side to side, but hasn't been consistently rolling back to front since she first did it over a month ago. Sleeping is . . . improving. I think. Her nap schedule is beginning to be more regular, and she goes to sleep easily, but still wakes up 2, 3, 4 times a night. I just wish I was as coherent in the middle of the night as I was with Sophie. Sometimes I wake up with her in my lap, still halfway attached with milk dripping from her chin, and I don't remember when I fed her last, which side it was, how long I was asleep sitting up, and can barely read the clock because I'm blind at night. I think I need a nap, too.


Becka Dietrich said...

Natalie she is just so cute! What a great video.

DA Phillips said...

that is so funny. and she is such a doll. It is funny because I am the same way. I will wake up with Carter in my arms, or my lap, not remembering ever getting him out of his crib, and not sure when I fed him last... goodness. what a bad cycle. Well I hope everything gets better. She is so cute.

Cassia said...

Oh, those smiles are precious! :)

On the falling asleep nursing - I did that all the time with Jonathan. I pretty much slept in the rocking chair for a while. That's why I decided to just feed Emma (and now Kathryn) in bed. ;) It was so nice to actually feel more rested! (And no longer worry about dropping them!)

McKell said...

My daughter still wakes up that much! She has darling eyes!

Jessica said...

She really is so pretty. The video in the mirror is a good idea. Nursing at night always was comical.

Jones Town said...

Your little girl is so beautiful! I have a 4 month old as well and can totally relate to the not sleeping much at night thing. Actually, I thought this post was hillarious! We started feeding Ryan cereal at night (even though the pediatrician probably wants us to wait until he is 6 months) and now he sleeps MOST of the night! I just couldn't do the sleep deprivation thing any more! Good luck!! :)