Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Favorite Time of Day

The last couple of days have been rough - especially on the kitchen floor. The poor thing has been scribbled on with black crayon not once, but twice and last night had the honor of being christened by Sophie, who is in the very early stages of potty training. Luckily it was number one. And it didn't get on the carpet.

Sophie's getting her two-year molars, too, so she's extra pleasant to be around. Ivy seems to be showing some sympathy crankiness because I swear I hold her all of her waking moments.

I love naptimes.

I have a lot more photos that I may nor may not post about. Just click on the slide show if you want to see them close up. Easter updates are probably coming - hopefully before Mother's Day - if I don't have to keep mopping the floor.


McKell said...

They always look so sweet when they are sleeping, don't they?

Cassia said...

My favorite time, too. I hate those days when it doesn't happen!

Good luck to your kitchen floor! :)