Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All About the Boy

I liked this meme because it's not about me.

1. What is his name?
Stephen Richard
2. Who eats more? Depends. I usually eat more if Steve's not working out regularly.
3. Who said, "I love you" first? I think it was me . . . and there was a long (we're talking 5 whole minutes) excruciating pause before he said, "I love you, too." He likes to think things over before he makes decisions. Even decisions about what to drink at dinner.
4. Who is taller? Steve, by 3 inches
5. Who is smarter? Probably Steve. Except when we're in the kitchen.
6. Who is more sensitive? Sensitive? Like wear your heart on your sleeve? That would be me. Sensitivity toward other people? Probably Steve.
7. Who does the laundry? It's nice to see that a lot of hubbies help out with the folding. Around here, I do the laundry. Period.
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Looking at the bed, it's Steve.
9. Who pays the bills? I pay one. Steve pays the rest.
10. Who cooks more? Me
11. Who is more stubborn? Probably me.
12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Most of the time it's me because Steve is never wrong (see #5.) It makes me so mad sometimes. :)
13. Who has more siblings? Steve. He's the 2nd of 5. I'm the oldest of 3.
14. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Hmm. We make a lot of decisions together, and although I like to make Steve thinks he wears the pants, I think I probably do.
15. What do you like to do together? We're such geeks when left on our own. We love playing Yahtzee, we've watched 18 seasons of the Simpsons over the past 3 years, and the other night when we watched Newsies (Steve hadn't seen it before), we each had our laptops out, IMDB'ing everyone in the movie. (Did you know Christian Bale is a vegetarian?)
16. Who eats more sweets? Me. For sure.
17. Guilty Pleasures? Spending hours online reading articles about the evils of processed food, the corrupt corporate world, and ignorant people ranting about how chiropractors are quacks. I call it a guilty pleasure; he calls it "studying".
18. How did you meet? We met on a bus on the way to a baptism. In Moscow, Russia. If you're really interested, I might post the expanded version on our anniversary.
19. Who asked whom out first? The way we met was unusual and so were our dating habits. Technically our first date was a session in the Salt Lake temple two weeks before I went into the MTC. No one really "asked out" anyone.
20. Who kissed who first? Steve kissed me first. (Psh. I've never been the type of girl to jump over that hurdle on my own.) It was in my parents' kitchen on Easter Sunday. Hoppy the rabbit saw the whole thing.
21. Who proposed? Steve (another hurdle that boys should jump over :))
22. His best features and qualities? Physical features? Hmm... I love his enormous eyes, mile-long eyelashes (thanks for passing those on, sweetie), and thick, dark hair. I also love his hands and arms and how gentle he is. Not just physically gentle (he seriously wouldn't harm a fly), but all-around gentle. He's tough, but he's got a sweet, sincere, sensitive side that I wouldn't trade for anything. I also love his even temperament. It balances out my tendency to overreact.
23. Tag you’re it. Who do you tag? I don't tag.


Cassia said...

I, for one, would love to hear the "expanded version" of your meeting and courtship. When is your anniversary, again? :)

Natalie said...

Stay tuned.... Sept 12th :)