Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm an Aunt!

So, I have a truckload of things to post on here, but I decided that cleaning my house was more important than blogging for a couple of hours, so I'm doing this in little bite-sized pieces. Unlike me, I know. But I'm glad I have a clean house now.

After Steve and I made all of our siblings aunts and uncles last year, one of his sisters returned the favor (just shy of my brother's wife, who is expecting next month!). Let me introduce you to Nathan. He's darling. And he has fantastic hair full of body and natural highlights. Lucky kiddo.

Aunt Jen (Nathan's mom), Sophie, me and Mr. Nathan

"Um, Mom? Why is that baby in my spot?"

Still a little jaundiced at 4 days old, but man . . . look at that hair.


Dave & Chels said...

That kid tons of hair. Beautiful. They are so pretty at that age. (Is that the wrong word for a boy? Well, he is!) Bent would be really jealous if he saw this picture - he had a mullet when he was that old. Poor boy.

Shea said...

So cute!!! Congrats!

And may I add that you look adorable?! Is that a dress? So freaking cute!

Natalie said...

Oh thanks :) Yes, it's a dress. And one that I will be spending most of the summer in (if we keep having little heat waves).

Lorraine said...

That last picture makes him look more like a 3 year old than 4 days old! Jack is almost 18 months old and doesn't have that much hair. :)