Saturday, July 19, 2008

Getting Acquainted with Concrete

Sophie had her first face-plant in the sidewalk yesterday. I'm surprised there wasn't more damage done to her face with the way she landed. It just snagged her lip, which makes me wonder if she bit it. Anyhow, it looks a lot less like hamburger today and more like a cold sore.

Um, could you please move the book out of your face, sweetie?

Thank you. Wow, forget the lip. Look at those lashes. :)

While I'm at it, here's how I often find her if she's alone in the living room. She can climb up on the couch by herself now and cozy into a good book. That one happens to be in German. Did I mention how brilliant she is?


Cassia said...

Yay for bookworms! :) I'm sorry about the concrete introduction, though--that's always hard, both on child and parents. It looks like it's healing pretty well, though. :)

Sara said...

She is so beautiful! You'll have to keep her locked up when she gets older!

Dave & Chels said...

I guess all kids have to deal with those things someday. B's fingers already had a run-in with a hot stove. Georgous lashes, by the way!
And B has learned how to climb on our couch now, too. (Although Soph caught on a lot faster than he did.) I'm not liking the stage at all - he can reach a lot more things now.
By the way, I was thinking about your parents today, (weird to be putting this on your blog, I know) but they've been so nice to us over the past few years & we miss seeing them as much as we used to. Just thought I'd throw that in. Maybe you could drop them a line or two the next time you talk to them. :)

Emily said...

She's so gorgeous. My little Rett has lashes like that. They can date in about 20 years, ok?

Mary said...

That's right- CURTIS Curtis. Who'd have thought? Pretty wild, huh?

I love that third picture of Soph, just chillin, reading her German literature. Atta girl.