Monday, July 07, 2008

Sophie News and a Lot of Videos

This little clip is from when we were in Sacramento walking around the capital building. Sophie does a good job of steering Steve off the grass.

Sophie is officially walking now. Before our trip, she'd only taken a handful of steps at a time, with lots of coaxing. And she'd do it maybe once a day. When we got back she decided she was going to walk everywhere. This clip is about a week old, and she's improved quite a bit since then. She walks now more than she crawls. I suppose this means my baby is a toddler now because she's . . . "toddling"? It makes me a little sad, but I love watching her walk around the house with her arms in the air like a chimp and a huge smile on her face.

Sophie's been getting a lot of teeth lately, poor thing. She had a runny nose the whole time we were at my parents' place, but she wasn't cranky, so I thought it might have been allergies. Then we got home, and I noticed two of her top molars were halfway in. A few days later I noticed the bottom ones beginning to poke through, too. That brings her teeth total to 8 (6 on the top and 2 on the bottom) plus two bottom molars on the way. We've been trying to teach her about plates and forks, too. Plates (with food on them) always end up being thrown. Even the ones with the suction cups on the bottom. She likes using a fork, but doesn't have the coordination yet to poke her own food, so we poke it for her and give her the fork to put in her mouth. She thinks it's pretty cool as you can see.

I found some organic animal crackers at Costco with a pretty low sugar content, so I bought some hoping Sophie would like them. Oh she does. A lot. She's also gotten in the habit lately of smearing food in her hair. When she does this at dinner it doesn't bother me as much because she'll be getting a bath pretty soon afterwards. She did a pretty good job with the crackers the other night.


Cassia said...

Yay for getting more independent! It's challenging now, but I'm sure it'll make things easier in 4-5 months. :)

Marsh Mayhem said...

Okay, Nat, what was your secret to baby weight loss? I've forgotten what I did with Charlie and am finding MUCH more weight to lose than I like! Help!

Natalie said...

Nursing did it for me. I found, too, that I couldn't just eat what I wanted like most nursing mothers. If I did, then I'd quit losing. It's mostly nursing, though. I nursed Sophie for a year.

Dave & Chels said...

I think you posted on my blog right as I was reading yours! Weird. Sophie is getting so old! She is such a cutie - you can already tell she has a mind of her own. I, too, was sad when I realized that my baby was no more considered a baby. First comes walking, then comes tantrums. Just wait. (I mean, he's not even two yet! It's like he's prepping me for the real tantrums. I think I've only seen snippets so far.)

Adam & Rebekah Forgie said...

I love all the videos Nat! I feel like you're close by and I just stopped by to see Sophie's latest tricks. Keep posting them!