Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We're Home

We've been home since Saturday, but I couldn't bring myself to sit and blog until we got unpacked and I was able to clean my house. Then I had to do Posh Mama stuff . . . and I still have to sort through the piles of clothes in my room and put away the stuff I can't fit into and won't be able to fit into for at least a year, which is about 75% of it. Man. It still blows my mind how fast my body grows and shrinks (although it seems to grow faster than it shrinks) when I get pregnant, have a baby, then get pregnant again. My poor body deserves a break after this.

Anyway . . . I'm glad to say that everyone I gave the flu to has completely recovered. (By the way, the victim toll went up to six. My grandma got it after we left her house last week, but luckily it wasn't too severe.) What better way to say you care than to spread a nasty, vomit-inducing bug around your family?

Here are a few pics from the last couple of weeks.

I love how peaceful it is up at my parents' house. Luckily we were there during the 2 weeks it happens to be green in the back forty. This is a view from the back deck.

Sophie loved going out there and walking up and down the stairs. Speaking of her walking . . . I'll give you an update about that a little later :).

Here's a shot from the front. You can see most of Idaho Falls from here. By the way, I talked to my mom last week and there were a couple of days where they couldn't see the city because of all the smoke that blew over from the California fires. Luckily it's finally clearing up here and the skies are blue again.

If Abby (the cat outside on the deck) was around, chances are Sophie was right in her face. Abby spent a lot of time outside while we were there. :)

Grandma had to do a lot of baby-proofing now that Sophie can pretty much go where ever she wants. She replaced a lot of breakable knick-knacks with books and toys. Sophie was in heaven.

Oh yeah, there were other people there, too. Grandma, Aunt Hillie, Sophie, and me.

On the way back to the Bay Area, we stopped in Sacramento for lunch and walked around downtown.

The gardens around the capital building are really pretty.

Two days after we drove back from ID/UT, we drove back out to the Sierras to spend a couple of days at Steve's family reunion. It was the first time we'd taken Sophie camping, but according to a discussion we had after we got back, it wasn't really camping. I'll explain later.

From the left we have Steve's parents, his Grandma Perry, the three of us, and Steve's sister, Kimi. (By the way, I know I don't look that big in person. I've only gained 5 lbs so far, but my clothes were really baggy. See my ankles? Uh huh. Ok, enough apologizing for a pic that probably isn't as bad as I think it is.)


Millertime said...

I am so glad you had fun and everyone is well and healthy. We have been trying to find some time to go and visit Mikes Dad and all his family but I am not sure when thats going to be. I love how green the fields are by your parents house. It is always fun to sit out on the deck and just take in all the surroundings. It really is so beautiful. Glad your back safe and sound. By the way, You look beautiful in your pictures.

Cassia said...

OK. I just have to empathize with the whole sorting through clothes experience. I've been amazed at how long *some* of my non-pregnancy clothes have lasted (though the skirt looked shorter when it had to sit above my waist...), but I think I'm finally at a point that I have to just suck it up and retire my normal clothes for a while. :)

I definitely understand now why women have a reputation of an enormous closet full of clothes. When your body changes so much in such a short period of time--and you know it's likely to go through the same changes again in the future--there's just no way to get around that. It does take a toll on storage space, though. :)