Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Bunch of Stuff about Sophie

OK, here's the backlog from the past couple of weeks. And since the long-distance grandmas are anxious to see more video clips, I thought it would be in my best interest to post them sooner rather than later. You don't want to get on a grandma's bad side.

First we have our trip to the Oakland Zoo during the break. You'd assume that this was a trip for Sophie, but it wasn't. She's been to the zoo about four times already this year. This was a trip for Steve, who hadn't been before.

Sophie loved the giraffes. And the elephants. And the monkeys. She's got quite an animal fetish. If they had cats (that wouldn't eat you) at the zoo, I think we could have just left her there content for the rest of the week.

During one of our trips to Sacramento we had a BBQ over at Uncle Matt and Aunt Jen's house (Steve's sister and brother-in-law). Since they had a pool, we thought Sophie might like to take a dip. It was a very gradual process getting her used to the not-quite-bath-temperature water. Once she was in the boat, she instantly grabbed the steering wheel and "drove" around the pool. Thanks Matt & Jen for letting Sophie test out all of Nathan's toys. :)

"OK, grandpa, put your skis on."

Here's some footage of her walking around. It's over a week old and she's gotten even better since then. It's so crazy how fast this has all happened.

The first clip (I combined two clips. . . that's why it's so long) doesn't have much walking, but I took it because she finally let me put barrettes and pigtails in her hair for a couple of days. She even left them in until about 3 PM. Unfortunately it only lasted a short time. She's back to pulling everything out again.

The second clip I'm sort of embarrassed about because there are about 300 things on the floor. It was one of those mornings after we hadn't put her toys away the night before. I'm sure I'm the only one who does such things. :)

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Cassia said...

Oh, yeah. Toys can definitely get out of control here, too. :)