Friday, July 25, 2008

Still Here

I sort of dropped off the face of the earth because I've been in a Suzuki Piano teacher training all week. Here are a few highlights from yesterday that I might expand on later. Or maybe not because I really don't want to dwell on any of them.

1. My teacher trainer suggested that I take a few lessons because it had been a while since I'd been in lessons, and I'd picked up some bad habits over the years. That's not something you want to hear when you're trying to teach.

2. A lady in a store said to me, "Wow, are you almost due?" To which I replied, "No, not even close. I'm 20 weeks. But thanks!"

3. Will got kicked off of So You Think You Can Dance last night, which was devastating.

I'm going to the mall today.


Danica said...

Well, at least you use your piano for something other than to collect dust like I have. I know, it's a shame :( If you ever move to Denver I would take lessons from you - bad habits and all!

JJ said...

Can you believe that Will is gone? Craziness, he was amazing!