Monday, July 28, 2008

Last Week: The Expanded Version

Because two of my piano students' mothers read my blog, I should probably explain that comment I made about me needing piano lessons. I don't want them to think that I'm teaching their kids false doctrine or anything. :) What my teacher trainer suggested makes my situation sound a lot more tragic than it really is. The things she noticed that I need to work on are things that only a devout Suzuki teacher would notice listening to Suzuki pieces. Suzuki is very particular (um. . . OCD is more like it) about tone quality, form, and technique. From day one. This might seem like a lot for little kids to master, but in reality, it's the perfect time for them. They're like sponges at that age, and if you make it fun for them, they'll pick it up even faster. And then you don't have to work on all those things in subsequent pieces -- it'll be like second nature.

Because I haven't had lessons since my second year of college (ahem... nineyearsago), I've let some technique slip. It wasn't that hard, I mean, who's going to critique you when you're playing for the ward choir? Or in Primary? I'm perfectly capable of teaching my students where they are right now, but I do need to brush up on the second book (i.e. relearn all the pieces and memorize them) before any of them get there. No worries. I'll just do it in my spare time. Or after the baby's born when I have even MORE spare time.

So, while I was in class all week, my sister Hilary was here watching Sophie for me. I had a nanny. It was pretty darn sweet. But honestly, I don't know how some women are able to work full-time and still take care of their families and their home. I let the dishes and the housework pile up more than usual do because I was so brain-tired from being in class. Plus I really missed my girl.

On Saturday we went to Half Moon Bay. For those of you who aren't locals, it's probably the closest sandy beach we have (I think) -- about an hour away. It was only about 70 degrees, so we didn't plan on swimming. Not that I ever plan on swimming if I can help it . . .

Even when I'm crouched down with my stomach squished out, I really don't think I look like I'm due any moment. Did I mention the lady who told me that was working in a baby store that I went into when she made that observation? You'd think she'd seen enough pregnant women to know the difference -- or at least have the tact to keep her mouth shut.

The water felt like glacier run-off, and a few of the waves caught us by surprise and soaked us a little. Sophie's whole skirt got soaked, and because it never dried, she spend the rest of the day in her diaper. I'm such a prepared mother.


Here's Hillie. She's the skinny, blond version of me.

While I inherited my dad's height and my mom's curves, Hillie is the complete opposite. She's got my mom's height (5'5") and my dad's lankiness. My mom and I tease her about being a stick, but it's just because we're jealous. And look how long her legs are, they're about as longs as mine and I'm four inches taller. I think I mentioned before that she's getting married in September. Her fiance, Adam, is working in Virginia all summer, so seeing her like this -- clutching her phone and furiously texting -- was a common sight.

One of the only parts of me that stay reasonably skinny despite gaining enormous amounts of weight are my fingers. (Although I did have to take my rings off halfway through my last pregnancy.) They've always been long and slender, which is probably where Sophie gets hers. My wedding ring is a size 4.5, which I adore because I don't think I've ever worn a 4 on any other part of my body. Ever.

When Hillie got her ring, it sort of rained on my skinny finger parade. Hers is a 3.5. Of course it wouldn't fit over my knuckle. What was I thinking?

Pretty, huh?

Hillie flew back yesterday and things are back to normal around here. Sophie's back to two naps a day, and I had most of the house clean by noon, only to have my little tornado run through it after lunch. It was the thought the counted, right?


Rebecca said...

My ring is a 4.5, too! I like having my long skinny fingers, even if I do look like ET sometimes.

Abby said...

After two pregnancies I've discovered that it doesn't matter how far along you are, you will always run into someone who thinks you're on the verge of going into labor at any second. I had one or two people ask me if I was overdue at six months. Both pregnancies. And one of those people was an OB nurse in L&D. You would think at least those people could tell the difference, but no. So get used to it, is what I'm saying. Good luck.

Natalie said...

Uh, thanks Abby. I guess it shouldn't have surprised me much. It's kind of like when I dressed my daughter head to toe in pink and people (mostly older men) still thought she was a boy. People. Psh.

Andrea said...

Those are beautiful pictures. In the one with Steve and your sister it looks like she has a little elf on her shoulder. It's kind of funny. I don't think you look big at all by the way....and I know you are a fantastic piano player. So I'm sure those moms aren't worried.

Shea said...

I think you look adorable Nat! I don't think you look like your ready to pop at all. People are crazy sometimes. I love all of the pictures you posted..especially the ring picture! I have never really looked closely at your is beautiful!

Sara said...

Ok 4.5?? Is that possible? I wear a 7 and I thought that was pretty small. Man do I feel manish! haha!