Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I think I'm addicted to scrapbook paper. Funny, because I DETEST scrapbooking. I'm such a sucker for those huge 12x12 "pads" of 300+ sheets in about 100 different patterns. I bought another one today. It was a Christmas one and it was only $4.97. How do you pass that up when individual sheets run about 69 cents a piece?!

I have no idea what I'm going to do with all this paper, but that's not the point.

Ok maybe it IS the point. Does anyone know where I can find some cute papercrafting projects that aren't scrapbooking or making cards?


Mary said...

I don't know how to cure your addiction, but I just wanted to tell you a few things-
1. Soph is SO CUTE. SO SO CUTE. I want to come visit you and Steve and Sophie when I get back to the States.
2. You're such a good writer! Your voice is really genuine, but it's not stupid. It's hard for me to explain what I mean, but a lot of people's blogs bug me, and it makes me appreciate all the more that you don't sound like a totally dope when you're writing about what soup pot to buy. :)
3. I sure do love you and think you're great!

Lorraine said...

I love your blog, too. And all the pictures. Good luck with the paper. I love paper, too. I got some stationery for christmas, which hasn't happened since I was about 15. It made me feel 15, and I was really, really excited. You could make picture books for your baby. I made one for Ellen with pictures I had taken of her, but I used heavy fabric and sewed the pics on the pages. It would probably work with scrapping paper, though.

Chelsea said...

you've come to the right girl.

k, perfect for picture frames and unfinished letters, basically any unfinished wood project.

Also, they're awesome for covering those paper mache boxes.

you can also do something like this:

also, awesome for picture frame/shadow box frame collages.

Let me know if you want more ideas!

Natalie said...

Mary -
1. I would LOVE LOVE for you to come visit. Have you ever been to Frisco?
2. I'm glad that I don't sound like a dope when I talk about pots. lol. I really wanted to post a soup recipe, so I tried to think of something to go with it instead of, "here's a recipe, now go make it." I don't know if it went over well although I did try to make it entertaining. The thought of my backside burning in a tanning bed ought to make at least 2 people smile.
3. I love you too and I'm glad you're loving it over there :)

Lorraine - I love stationary, too :) And I think the last time I got some was when I was 15, too. From Grandma during her stationary phase. I remember that book you made Ellen. It's so cute :) I need to make something like that for Sophie.

Chelsea -- you never let me down :) That tray-thing is SO cute!! I think part of my problem is when I have a million options, I absolutely cannot decide. I need someone to tell me what to do. :) Thank you!

Nicole said...

So, this is the exact reason I switched from scrapbook paper to fabric!! I still have loads of scrapbook paper. Have you tried decoupage?? It is fun to do with patterned papers.

Chelsea said...

K, i have a ton of blogs that make things with paper that don't necessarily include pictures. okay, some will, but they're def. not scrapbook pages. go through the first half of my blogroll. there is one by Candice Carpenter and she makes fun banners and other projects.

The Rogers said...

Nat put down the money and step away from the paper!
Your so creative you will find all kinds of stuff to do with it.
One thing I did with some I got was cut it to size and used it to print out xmas letters to family or, When I sent pics of the kids to family and friends I would print out my letter on that paper just to make it look cute.

Team Chilton said...

I like the decoupage idea. You can get some plain picture frames and rip off pieces of the paper and use that special glue to put it on....or do it on boxes...anything. You can make booksmarks. Learn origami.use them as mats for pictures in frames.....I will think of more later. I love crafty stuff, I just can't find space or time sometimes.

Natalie said...

Thanks :)

I decoupaged some pictures frames for Christmas gifts and I can't decide if I liked it or not. Decoupage yes.. on frames? maybe.

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Thanks for popping by my blog! Decided to spin by yours and Oh. My. Gosh. I am JUST the same way! I LOVE scrapbook paper and I covet all the giveaways that have scrapbook supplies, but I just have no interest at all in scrapbooking!

Maybe I will make a secret drawer so I can just stare at it all...

Maybe homemade greeting cards? I mean, you wouldn't have to go so far as embellishing... just cut out a rectangle and put it on a blank white card?

Hmmm... giving my own self ideas now...