Friday, January 11, 2008

Not an Ambiroller?

This is what I find most mornings:

She's been rolling around for a while, but now she whines and acts like she's stuck when she's on her stomach.

"You big faker--I've seen you roll onto your back a million times!" I say to her.

OK, not really. It goes more like this, "AW, is my baby stuck?" as I flip her over myself.

Steve pointed out last night that she only rolls to her left. We tried to get her to roll to her right, but she tried to sit up instead. So, left side is for rolling and right side is for sitting up? Gotcha.

She also has enough hair on top to hold clips for more than 10 minutes. That's nice, too.


Dave & Chels said...

"Ambiroller", that's great. Bentley went thru that for about a month. He couldn't/wouldn't roll one way, either. You would never guess that now.
Her hair is so cute with clips in it. Isn't it crazy how little things like that make them look so grown up?

Chelsea said...

oh my gosh i love the outfit in this last picture. She's just a little vogue in it. Nice work on dressing her, mom!

Andrea said...

Very cute. Jakob's had that much hair since birth but Ryan won't let me put any clips in it. He doesn't want Jakob to have "issues" when he's older.

Reid & Erin said...

Nat! What a doll. Thanks for your comments and keep up your great work. I love your etsy shop and love hearding from you!! -Erin

The Rogers said...

I just cant get over it, Sophie is realy one of the most beutiful babies EVER!
Yeah I would have to say she is right up there with my kids :)