Friday, January 25, 2008

Making Messes

The messes Sophie makes are still pretty minor. I'm enjoying it while I can before they become daily disasters. Sometimes they're made worse by her mother's apathy or lack of attention, as you'll see in these little clips.

Sophie kept trying to grab the spoon from me and got green beans all over herself. After a few minutes I gave up and handed her the spoon. Little did I know she wanted to feed herself all along! Sophie decided she likes green beans after all. Maybe because I made them without scorching the bottom of the pan. Babies are so fickle sometimes.

The mess in this one comes at the end. Women are great multi-taskers, but even we have our limits. Oh, and this is the extent of Sophie's crawling so far. When I try to show her how to do it, she drops onto her stomach, shakes her arms and legs and fusses. Fine, figure it out yourself! I'm in no hurry to chase after you all day! :)

One a side note, today is my third anniversary of blogging! I started back when Steve had six months left of his deployment. All of my cousins were into it and I thought it would be a good outlet. It was. :) I looked back and read the very first post I wrote about an embarrassing experience I had. It still makes me laugh.


Chelsea said...

oh my gosh that's the funniest thing I've seen in a while! (sophie trying to crawl) It reminds me of a fish out of water, flipping around to get back to their home.

She's so cute.

Andrea said...

Sophie reminds me so much of Jakob. It must be because they are the same age, that they do a lot of the same "baby" things. It's darling. She's really cute.

Cassia said...

I can definitely identify with the first video. Emma gets sooo mad if we try to keep her from feeding herself! :) And the second one, especially at the end, well--we have plenty of those messes, but they're usually created on purpose. :) Did you know that a puddle of water on a hard surface offers much opportunity for creativity? Or so my children think.... :)

Cassia said...

By the way, I just read your first blog and I loved it! That calling definitely got interesting sometimes! And don't worry--I'm sure I mixed up that couple's names too many times to count. :)