Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Front Page Mama

I have some exciting news! :)

Starting this week, I'm one of the weekly contributors to Posh Mama Online Magazine! Every Tuesday I'll be doing a food/cooking article for the front page of the website.

What's Posh Mama? It's an online magazine/social network for women. I joined last summer when I was looking for places to market my Etsy store. Since then I've met some great women, found some neat discussion groups, and managed to snag some jewelry sales in the process. Now that I'm a weekly contributor, my picture will be up on the left-hand sidebar, permanently, with the others. A little scary. The website is fairly new, but it already averages about 10k hits a month. Hopefully that will drive more traffic to my store :)

My first article went up this morning! If you want to see it, go to PoshMama.com and let me know what you think. It might have turned out a little "cheesy" (ha).


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats! You sure have come along way with the whole tech thing since the days of using a nail file to work on your computer. And no... I likely will not forget about that anytime soon. :) Congrats again on your newfound net presence.

Natalie said...

Hey - I used a butter knife, too. How else was I supposed to get inside my computer without a screwdriver? :)

Anonymous said...

Very true. I find it ironic, though. I jokingly point that out, while in order to get into my Mac Mini and upgrade the RAM I had to use a strait razor and a putty knife. Screwdrivers are so 1990's anyway... :)

Cassia said...

Good for you, Natalie! :)

Chelsea said...

awesome, possum! So, sidenote: Eric just announced who's playing at brainshare this year and he's like, I should email natalie, she likes this band (Collective Soul) and then Chad pipes in, I hope her baby was worth missing this. - in his joking/he-thinks-he's-funny voice. So i said, I dunno, I'm pretty sure Sophie is pretty darn cute, so eric says, as cute as my baby? uh, yes. and probably a bit cuter. lol..so I had to prove it and show him pictures of Sophie. Anyways, then I saw your news about being on PoshMama! yay yay! I'll have to bookmark it!

Posh Mama said...

Hey Natalie,

Just popping by to say hello! :) Also wanted to let you know that we are getting between 40-50k visits and our widget is getting another 50k.

We have only been up 6 months so there is more to come and thank you for being a Contributor on Posh Mama Online Magazine. We heart Sophie and you too! :)

Much love, xoxo-pm