Saturday, January 19, 2008

Little One

Sophie's always been pretty petite for her age. I'm used to hearing people comment on how small and dainty she is, but yesterday was a whole other story. I was standing in line at the bank, and Sophie was in her carrier on the floor. There was a cute old lady in front of me making small talk to the both of us. Some of the conversation went like this,

The lady, looking at Sophie dressed in PINK with a PINK blanket on top of her and a barrette in her hair, "Oh, I can tell she's a girl by that little barrette she has on!"

"Is she colorblind?" I wondered.

"Let me guess . . ." (long pause) "two and a half months?"

I almost burst out laughing. That convinced me that she wasn't just colorblind, she was blind for real.

"No, she's eight months, " I corrected her.

Then another little old lady in front of her piped up, "Oh, I think his foot is sticking out of the blanket."



Missy said...

Natalie! That is awesome! Her comment at the end is the best! I have also had some pretty funny comments around here too. Yours is a classic! Too funny!

Cassia said...

Thank you for the laugh! :)

You reminded me of a story I've heard about myself: when I was a few months old, my parents dressed me up in a very pink, very frilly dress, and put something pink and pretty in my hair. Then an old man came up and said something like "He's very cute." They decided to give up trying to make me "look" like a girl. :)

By the way, Sophie is definitely one of the prettiest little girls I've seen. :)

tootsiegrace said...

Everywhere I went with my first baby (who only wore head to toe pink), everyone said, "What a beautiful little boy!!" I think everyone is color blind!

Eight months already? Doesn't the time just fly by? My newborn celebrates her first birthday in two weeks!!!!

Dani said...

ah yes...gotta love it! I get the same thing with JJ. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't wear blue. But alas, we always find someone asking how old "she" is. I love blogging - I think it's my favorite way to keep in touch!