Sunday, January 13, 2008

Golden Gate Park

Yesterday we went to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco with a few friends. It was our first trip into the city since we moved. And a long overdue trip at that. What should have been a 40- minute drive around the bay into the city turned into 2 hours due to a lady standing on the bridge deciding if her life was worth living and people trying to convince her that it was. I assume it was because she didn't jump. Traffic started to clear about half-way across the Bay Bridge.

Yes, I took this hanging out the window of the car. We have Idaho plates still, so instead of hiding the fact that I was a tourist, I decided to make sure there was no doubt in anyone's mind.

When we got to the park, we found a place to sit and eat lunch. The park, by the way, is gorgeous. And ginormous. I think it's like the "Central Park" of Frisco. And I couldn't believe we were having a picnic in January. I love this place.

Synchronized eating performed by Tanner and Adelyn.

Sophie sharing an apple with Dad.

Are you sure you want my slobber all over your apple?

Because it'll be oozing when I get done with it.

After a bite to eat we went to the Conservatory of Flowers. After walking through, I thought they should have named it the Conservatory of Tropical Plants. There weren't as many flowers as I'd hoped. Maybe it's the wrong time of year. Still beautiful, though.

This thing was built in 1879. Yep, it's still January.


They had a whole room dedicated to orchids and crazy looking plants I've never seen before. Like these guys.

Oh, there's more. These ones catch bugs in their cup thingys and eat them. Mmm.

Aw, it's hot pink!

... and then the battery went dead in my camera. Ironically on a day where a camera was absolutely necessary and I had been diligently taking pictures. Figures.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love California! When we crossed the Coronado Bay Bridge in San Diego (which is scary as heck the first time!) there was a sign that said "Suicide Counseling: (800) 123-4567". What a perfect place to post a sign like that! I'm not sure I could imagine a more crappy death, though. You jump into freezing cold ocean water, spend some inordinate amount of time wondering why you jumped in the first place, wondering if you're gonna get run over by a boat, and then thinking, "aw crap, drowning's really gonna suck!" I suppose jumping from a building would be better; then again, maybe she was hoping people would come out and convince her not to jump. Now why I've put so much thought into the minds of suiciders I've no idea...

(Is "suiciders" even a word? It is now!)

Mary said...

I LOVE that last flower. And the fact that your battery went dead reminds me of my camera, because my battery is literally always going dead. :) I'm glad you like Cali. I should come visit you!

Andrea said...

Golden Gate park is awesome. Ryan and I went there one day and started at one end and decided to walk all the way to the other end. Unfortunately I had flip flops on and was really sore after a couple of hours. The Rose Garden is beautiful though and also the arboretum. You're right though, many more flowers in the summer.

Sar said...

Hey! I'm so glad that you stuck your head out of the window. I try not to do that very often, but when you're on the golden gate bridge, somethings just have to get done.

Missy said...

You have the BEST camera! Look how clear and perfect your pictures are! We are glad you guys are on the street!

Natalie said...

Nah, it's just a Canon Elph. I just use Picasa and tweak them so they look better :)

Tyler said...

That little Sophie's a national treasure - - look at those eyes!

Big hello to our favorite Perry's in CA!

Sar said...

My friend took an email invitation to himself and a few other friends, and cut and pasted it with his name on the bottom and extended my invitation to the whole city. Needless to say, I'm going to call my friends to do things from now on.