Monday, July 13, 2009


I went to the bank recently, and for the first time didn't have Sophie strapped in a stroller. (Brave, I know.) As I stood in line, she climbed on the soft chairs and played quietly -- until the wait became more than she had patience for (longer than 4 minutes). Suddenly she took off running with a little shriek to the other side of the bank. Luckily there weren't too many people in there and they all smiled sympathetically as I took off after her, leaving Ivy's carrier to hold my place in line. I wasn't too surprised. She does this everywhere we go.

An older woman (like 90s old), who had been watching the whole thing asked me how old Sophie was. I told her she was two. Then she said,

"She's alert, isn't she?"

Alert? That's a huge understatement, but sure. . . she's alert.


Beth Schellhous said...

Alert, but quite normal. Obviously it's been 70+ years since she had a toddler.

McKell said...

It's crazy what people say. I wish sometimes people would keep their comments to themselves.

Kathryn said...

hahaha!!! Maybe being alert is a big deal her :) especially if she's 90.