Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth!

Before I head to bed I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July. Every year I get a little sentimental at night, and last year it ended up on my blog. As I sat and watched the illegal firework competition between our group and the group down the street, I thought of the things I was grateful for most at the moment. Ivy was swaddled in a blanket asleep in my arms, and Sophie, who told us she was "all done" after a few firecrackers went off, was inside the house with Steve's mom.

There will be a lot of things I think about on 4th of Julys to come, but a few things will always come to mind and stir feelings of gratitude and happiness. And sometimes make me cry. Not tonight, though. (It's not as emotional without Neil Diamond singing something patriotic and narration about our forefathers. If you've seen the fireworks in Idaho Falls, you'll know what I'm talking about.)

I think about Steve a lot on this day. I think about 2003 when he proposed. Then I think about 2004 when he was serving our country in Afghanistan. Then I think about 2005 when he was home safe and sound and we watched the fireworks together up in I.F. where he had proposed two years earlier.

Mostly I think about how grateful I am that he's home safe and sound. And then my heart goes out to all of the men who weren't able to return home to their families. I'm grateful for their service and for the freedom we have to stand up for what we believe in.

God Bless the USA :)

(Because we really need it right now.)


Marsh Mayhem said...

We went to the Deer Valley Tribute last night, and during the Armed Forces salute they asked the families of those that are serving to stand. When the Marine theme started to play, four kids jumped up just a few blankets down from us. Upon further inspection, we noticed that their dad wasn't with them. Tears were a-flowin'. Thank you for supporting your husband while he served our country -- I"m so glad you got to spend this fourth with him!

Cynthia said...

Beautiful post! I'm also so grateful for the sacrifices of the few for the benefit of the many. Over the last year I've gotten to know a family whose husband/father came home but he is forever altered due to catastrophic injuries. To see the sacrifice his family continues to make in caring for him on a daily basis is touching. Too bad the US military isn't quite so helpful (which is how I got to know them).