Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Thoughts on Privacy

Thanks for all of the comments!! I was glad to hear good, reasonable opinions for both sides of the private/public blog issue. I got the impression, though, that most of you have private blogs just because you want your privacy -- not necessarily because you're afraid of weirdos. I guess that never occurred to me because I'm a pretty open person. Like, really open. If you pick the right topic, I'll talk your ear off and probably tell you more about myself than you'd like to know. (Thus, I'm really bad at keeping secrets, but if I tell just one person, I'm OK. Luckily Steve is a vault. Or forgetful. Ya, he probably forgets. We're a great pair.)

So, for now I decided to keep my blog public, but try to keep it as separate from my food blog as I can. I may either move this blog to Wordpress or have a separate Blogger account for Perrys' Plate. Logging in and out of Blogger for two different accounts might drive me batty, though. Sigh. I'll think about it some more.

Oh, and one final matter of business and also a case-in-point for my argument against private blogs...

BETH?? Are you there, Beth??

You've told me a couple times that you don't have my email address to invite me to your newly private blog. Because I can't get to your profile anymore, and I don't have your email address, I couldn't send you mine. The only way I can contact you is posting on my own blog. (Sorry if I'm embarrassing you.) So . . . I'd love an invite! And I'm sorry again for forgetting to leave a comment before your blog went underground. To find my email address . . .

Click over to my food blog from the "What's on the Plate?" widget on the right.
Click on the "Contact" tab at the top.
Voila, there's my addy.

I'm sure you won't mind a couple of clicks to find my address because I'll be clicking on your blog more than I ever did when it was public. *wink*


Beth schell said...

I love that I got mentioned in your very POPULAR blog. Wow, I feel special!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, if you go into your blogger dashboard, and click 'Edit Profile' (on the left) there is a place in there that says 'Select Blogs to Display'... you could remove your personal blog from the list, but keep it public, so that everyone can freely see your blog, but the two aren't linked to each other through your profile.

I dabbled in having a second blog for a while, but kept it off the list for that very reason, I wasn't ready to share it with just anyone. I ended up just deleting it anyways, but in your case, those who you want to share your blog with, already know where it is... but you don't have to keep it on your profile if you don't want to either.

Does that help?