Sunday, July 12, 2009

Feeling Better (Sorta)

Our night started off like this:

Sophie woke up crying. Steve goes to put her back to sleep.

Ivy gets woken up and screams until I latch her on to sleep.

Both go back to sleep.

Repeat every 30 minutes or so for 4 hours. And that was before Steve and I went to bed. Ivy isn't even in the same room as Sophie, but she's a light sleeper. We're still working on "going to sleep without nursing" and I think we've made some progress. I have to let her fuss, but just for a few minutes now. It's getting better, I think.

A much needed nap after an hour of almost non-stop crying about everything.

Sophie felt better today, and moved on to mashed potatoes and oatmeal. (After she ate about 8 bowls of yogurt and applesauce mixed together -- a favorite concoction of hers.) She wasn't as emotional as she was last night, but we've still got some healing to do.

This little stage of her "two's" that she's in has made this HF&M thing especially difficult. She's gotten more emotional lately in general and if she senses we want her to do something, she does the opposite. She's also started whining/crying a lot more for stupid reasons (like asking for more fruit) or no reason at all. I swear I say, "Don't fuss at me! Just ask!" about 239,998,129 times a day. Couple that with the pain she's in and not feeling well in general. . . let's just say I'm glad she's extremely cute.

The infamous little bumps.


Shea said...

Oh, how sad 8( I'm sorry she is sick. I have never heard of HF&M either. I sure hope she gets better soon!

Also..I keep meaning to write you. Thank you so much for stopping by to see me again when you were passing through. I still feel like an idiot for giving you wrong directions to my house & almost running a red light while you were following me. =)

Jones Town said...

Fun times. Sounds amazingly similar to my house at night. (We are exhausted!) Hannah is almost 3 and the moodiness is just getting worse! *groan* Good luck with everything. Garrett got HF&M when he was about that age. Very common (amazingly) and very contageous we were told. Oh well!

Jason, Erin, Hannah, and Bella said...

Hannah is always super moody when she hasn't slept enough. It started happening after Bella was born because she stopped taking a nap. I got this book called The No Cry Sleep Solution. There is one for babies and one for toddlers. Hannah is back to her sweet little self now because she is sleeping more.

Jessica said...

Ooh, I hope she gets better soon. We had some friends just have that go around their house and it sounds awful. Poor thing!

Sarah Junsay said...

Yeah, Gray got it around that age too. I had heard of it by then, but at first I thought it was related to mad-cows disease. I was very confused! Hope things are turning around for the better!