Friday, July 31, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Well here we are at July 31st and my 31st post for the month. (Did you notice I made up the two I missed?) I've never posted so many times in a month before. I also had more hits on this blog this month than any other month for the past year. For some reason you people kept coming back day after day to hear me blab about whatever I felt like. Joking aside, I just wanted to say thanks for all of the nice comments. I love to hear that you like my blog. It makes me want to blog even more. :)

After tonight I'm going on a little posting haitus. Don't worry, it's just for the weekend. I wanted this month to go out with a bang, though. So I hope you enjoy this FOR REAL phone conversation Steve had with a woman on Sunday night. I promise I didn't make any of this up.

***Oh, and for those of you who were babies in the 80s, Steve Perry is also the name of the lead singer of Journey.

The phone rings at 10:45 PM. I pick it up and look at the caller ID, not recognizing the name or number. It didn't seem like a solicitor, so I hand the phone over to Steve.

Steve: Hello?


Susan: This isn't the Steve Perry, is it?

Steve: No I guess it's not. But it's one of them.

Awkward pause

Susan: I've been trying most of my life to find the Steve Perry.

Steve chuckles

Susan: It's not funny. . . . Well, I guess in a way it is.


Steve Chuckles

Susan: You're not a musician are you?

Steve: No.

Susan: Do you happen to know how I can find 'im?

Steve: No

Susan: You're in California, aren't ya? So you ought to know . . .

Steve thinks, "Ok, so I'm a Steve Perry in California, so therefore, I MUST know THE Steve Perry."

Steve: I don't even know if he's in California.

Susan: Do you like his music?

Steve: Not when he went out on his own. I liked him when he was in the band, ‘cause they rocked.

Susan: You must be in my age group then. ‘Cause I did feel sorry for him when he went out on his own.

Susan: Well, if you ever decide to give in and give up his number, give me a call.


Susan: This is Susan.

Steve: Have a good night, Susan.

Susan: You, too.


We hope you find what you're looking for, Susan in Atlanta.


Jason, Erin, Hannah, and Bella said...

That is awesome.

Kristin Baldwin said...

First of all, hilarious! Second of all, that poor woman needs a life....

Erin Ann said...

ahhhhaaaaahahaha. Steve, I can't believe you couldn't pull through for Susan in Atlanta. Where do these people come from?

Jana said...

i guess i'm too young to know who THE steve perry is :)

ps. thank you so much for your comment natalie! i've actually looked at your blog a few times too :) i love the name ivy, and i got the inspiration for my new header from your fabulous food blog. so you don't have to feel like a lurker :)

Kathryn said...

Oh my GOSH!!! That is hilarious! Steve was nice to her :)

Woodward Family said...

there are some strange people in this world, funny that one of them actually tracked you down. hee hee heee. good luck on the blogging break.

Becka Dietrich said...

That reminds me of Chad and everyone in the office gathered round to watch "Separate Ways". Those were good days. I think I'll watch that this morning, get the week started off right!

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

I love this story so much. I laughed so hard I cried. I am a huge Journey fan. Last year we went to their concert and because people only want to hear THE Steve Perry's voice they've hired the Philipino equivalent. So, there is this Asian looking man who was hired away from his cover was a bit surreal. but, not nearly as awesome as this story.

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

p.s. i have so many friends who would love this story may i copy and paste it onto my blog somehow....?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, how crazy is that! Too funny!!