Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I don't take enough pictures on Sunday morning when the girls are dressed for church. It's usually a mad rush out the door

I was messing around in Picasa today, and I wondered how a cropped picture pile collage would look in a blog post. Now I know. I kinda like it.

I also wonder if I could make a header out of a Picasa collage, because I've been itching to change my header. I love that picture of the two of them, but Ivy is leaps and bounds from that motionless lump in a blanket.

Totally unrelated -- I was summoned for jury duty. Thanks to Ivy, I can postpone for year because I'm nursing. Hopefully I won't be nursing her a year from now, but if she has her way I probably will be. Sigh.


ElegantSnobbery said...

Aw, cute photos!

I don't know about Picasa (I've never used it) but the free software 'Photoscape' is my FAVORITE thing on my computer. I use it for all my photo-editing, blog and shop banners, picture borders, photo collages... you name it. Its awesome. And free. :)

Sare said...

I've been working on a new header for my food blog using the "pile of pictures" collage. I waste so much time doing photo editing though, it's low on my priorities until I get some other things done. I like this collage you made.