Tuesday, July 07, 2009

On Ants and Sugar Scrub

The thing about posting every single day is that I run out of things (or photos) to post about. It's only day 7, and I'm about to tell you about ants. Ants. Despite how it sounds, ants are a popular topic around here.

But I'm also going to tell you about about sugar scrub and a sweet Etsy friend named Janell, so hopefully this will give my post some redemptive qualities.

Here's what happened. . .

Nat likes Janell.

Nat likes Janell's shop.

Janell starts selling sugar scrubs in her shop.

Photo from Janell's shop (hope you don't mind I swiped it :))

Nat likes sugar scrubs.

Nat buys a bottle.

Nat puts the sugar scrub in the shower.

Meanwhile . . .

Nat's house is full of ants.

Nat kills ants.

Steve kills ants.

Sophie says, "Ant on arm! Ant on arm!"

Nat killed two ants on Ivy just today.

Ants love sugar.

Sugar scrub has lots of sugar.

Ants find sugar scrub.

Those ants are dead.

Steve added water to the pink cup.

None have come back.

Tonight . . .

Sophie also loves sugar.

Sophie finds sugar scrub.

Sophie eats sugar scrub.

Sugar scrub is no longer in the shower.

The End.


Rebecca said...

And I thought we had a lot of sugar ants in our kitchen! Maybe that's why they're called that. Next time, you should try a sea salt scrub and see if that keeps the ants away. :)

Devin said...

I love your stories! We had those ants every where in Africa. A trail of them could be found stretching from a back bedroom to somewhere in the kitchen. Amazing!

Being Ausmus said...

What are you talking about??? This is not an "I'm running out of things to talk about" post. This was brilliant!!! Oh how I remember those retched ants!!! Thanks girl this one made me laugh:)

Jessica said...

LOL. I'll never forget the ants. What a funny reminder of the days at school. Thanks!

Tenille said...

Ahhh I hate those aunts. When we came home from our 3 week vactation...we had aunts everywhere!!! We even sprayed before we left too!

Kathryn said...

I love it! too funny!

Our house is being invaded, too. The ants love my loveseat, for some reason. And I just washed the slipcover last week!

Jones Town said...

This was such a funny post! Luckily we don't really have an ant problem here but my husband went on a mission to Jamaica and said they were horrible there. He says they sprinkled baking soda along the doorway and wall (wherever they were getting in) and they wouldn't pass the baking soda line. Anyway, good luck with the ants!

anonymous said...

Hahaha. How I sympathize with you. Why were we not warned that our homes were built on GYNORMOUS ant hills? I'm not even going to offer you any advice on ridding your home of them, because I know from first-hand experience that nothing short of filling your home with, and exposing your children to all forms of chemical pesticides will work.

Cynthia said...

Oh dear! I also love sugar scrubs. I had a similar business to your friend back in 2001-2003.

Good luck with the ant thing. It's a constant battle around here too but at least we don't live in an area with cockroaches! Ants aren't bad at all when you consider the potential alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Sophie ate the sugar scrub?!! I'm sure she'll be okay, there's a teeeeeeeny tiny bit of preservative, but other than that its about 99% natural otherwise. And the ants... Oy!

Hope you get rid of them soon, that would make me crazy!

Thanks for the mention sweetie!