Monday, July 06, 2009

Birthday BBQ

We found ourselves in Sacramento at Steve's sister's place again for the 4th of July. This time it wasn't just America's birthday we were celebrating, but her little guy Nathan turns one on the 8th. We were here last year, too, and Nathan was just a few days from being born. Ivy wasn't here yet either, and Sophie was a lot smaller. She seemed to fill the tugboat better this time. And we even brought her a swimsuit.

Aw, family picture in the pool. A first for us and probably the last for a while. I really need to do some work before I put on a swimsuit again.

The only photo with all of us, but Steve's mom (Judi) is hiding behind Sophie. Steve's sister, Jennifer is between Judi and Rick. Rick is holding the birthday boy, Nathan. Yes, I know, Sophie's swimsuit is, er. . . a little low-cut. It was big around her chest and the straps kept falling off. (I should have brought her other one just in case.) Ivy's fit her perfectly, though. Thanks mom!


Chelsea said...

you look great! I don't know what you'd have to work on, so just keep showing it!

Being Ausmus said...

So cute! Wear that bathing suit and be proud're beautiful!!! xo

Sarah (Team Chilton) said...

I think you look awesome. Did you see any bathing suit pics of me on my blog....nope, because no one took any. (no flash would be needed because I am so pasty...but it's ok, I like reflecting light)

Jason, Erin, Hannah, and Bella said...

Last year Hannah's straps on her swimsuit were too big. I ended up tying them together in the back with some ribbon and then it worked just fine.