Friday, July 10, 2009

Dr. Steve

One night earlier this week Steve put on his white clinic coat and asked me if I thought it needed to be ironed. My usual response is, "Do you want me to throw it in the dryer with a wet towel?" (I iron about twice a year.) So that's what I said to him. He got a funny look on his face and said that it probably needed to be ironed, which was his way of asking me if I would do it.

I was feeling particularly wife-y that night, so I told him I would. . . if he got the ironing board out for me. (It's between the fridge and the wall and requires moving about 4 things to get to it. That's why I iron twice a year.) I knew that he had his clinic entrance exam coming up in a couple of days, and he wanted it to look ironed, not "thrown in the dryer with a wet towel".

I mentioned to him that night that I wanted a picture of him wearing his white coat. Wednesday morning at about 7 AM, he came into the bedroom, wearing his white coat, marched over to the bed where I was lying with both girls (somehow Sophie had snuck in around 6:30), and handed me the camera. I was half asleep and contact-less. After a couple of tries, Steve suddenly picked up Ivy and held her. Luckily I managed to get a good one, and wished him luck on his big nasty exam.


Sarah (Team Chilton) said...

Steve looks a little teary here...was he getting emotional about the big test, the beginning of the end? (ah, I hate to think of you leaving, let's not talk about it)...on a lighter note, have I ever told you I love your colored walls. Especially the "mac-n-cheese yellow/orange" it (seriously, I'm not joking)

Dave & Chels said...

That is my idea of ironing, too! Dave hates it. And he is a huge perfectionist about his clothes. (What, it's not like he's working for law firm for the summer...oh wait, he is.) Needless to say, he gets his shirt and suits dry cleaned now. It's win-win for both of us.
And I must say, I am very impressed with this whole daily blogging thing you are doing. That takes a lot of creativity and thinking. Nice job.

anonymous said...

Our men are so handsome in their ties and Dr's coats, eh?


Joe has to leave his at school or in his car. I'm afraid it will lead to a 4th child....


Natalie said...

You're right, Sare, he does look a little teary eyed. Maybe he's just awestruck at how beautiful his wife looks at 7 AM. How sweet :)